The ER SIG at JALT National, 2014

ER SIG AGM at JALT National, Tsukuba
Nov 22 (Saturday)
3:35 PM - 4:20 PM
Convention Hall 200

All members and other interested parties are encouraged to attend and share their thoughts about the issues the SIG is and should be addressing. Your ideas and contributions are valuable, so please attend. This is also where our annual officer elections are held and your participation is encouraged. We are also looking for volunteers to help in ER SIG activities and duties, so if you think you can help in any way at all, this is the place to come to get to know us and scope out the ER SIG scene!


The Extensive Reading Colloquium is an annual event that combines multiple presentations and the Great Reader Giveaway. It will be in Convention Hall 200 from 4:30-6:00 pm on Sat, Nov 22. Please join us to see Rob Waring and Stuart McLean discuss definitions of ER grounded in process as opposed to pedagogy, Alan Maley (pictured right) talk about extensive reading’s role in raising global awareness, Cory Koby talk about starting up ER programs at the secondary level, Marcos Benevides examine the benefits of multi-path readers, and Heather Doiron discuss literary genre instruction. See you there!

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